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Dry Vases created from Anegry hardwood veneer with walnut accents. Each measures 13 inches high and 9-1/2 inches wide.
The gently slopping legs, accented by the reverse slopping opening seem to suspend the vessel. Suitable for use as a dry vase, they are not constructed to be water bearing.

Hand Crafted wooden boxes constructed with unique dovetail corners and angled through- dovetails securing the top and bottom to the sides.
Each box is different in its hardwood materials and joinery and all are hand oiled and polished to a fine finish.

Gentle curves layered together out of contrasting native hardwoods, finished with a food-safe finish make up these 15 inch round presentation/cutting boards - a delight to display and use in your kitchen.
Each curve is solid hardwood throughout - the joinery making them unusual.

Angled interior squares, accented by expanding patterns of contrasting hardwoods give these square presentation/ cutting boards a geometric feeling.
Like the round boards these are finished with a food-safe finish and hand rubbed to a fine finish.
Each is constructed of solid domestic hardwood.

New Creations-10
New Creations-17