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Growing up in the Berkshire Mountain’s of Western Massachettues  surrounded by natural beauty I gained a deep respect for the arts and the tools used in creating them. Schooled in Fine and commercial art I have spent my career designing. From the stage as a scenic and lighting designer to architectural design. From graphic design and layout to photography.

Each discipline uses the same basic language of geometric shapes, light and shadow, form and function.

This background in both art and engineering and the love of wood has led to the latest series of wooden art objects, both decorative and functional. All are designed and produced for a long and useful life.

Each series starts with an idea (a challenge) and moves from the sketch pad to the drawing board to the shop. Each piece is hand made using carefully selected materials and finished by hand rubbing to bring out the natural beauty of the material.

I am just finishing up a series of square and rectangular cutting/presentation boards with some new and exciting geometric patterns.  A new series of round boards with a new theme is also just beginning.
Check back often for new and exciting products.

Howard Rood